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The Butt Jaw twin fin is based on a classic keel fin fish outline with wide point pushed forward and the swallow tail pulled in. A flat rocker and a lot of volume under the chest giving you great paddle power but also speed and flow when on the wave. It features a fee double concave into a 4” wallow tail with carbon fin patches. Ideal for 0-5ft the Butt Jaw give you a nice combination of speed and lift with smooth clean rail to rail transitions. Makes for serious fun for any ability surfer

5'3 - 19’7/8 - 2’1/4 @25.73L
5’5 - 20’1/8 - 2’5/16 @27.66L
5'7 - 20’3/8 - 2’3/8 @29.33L
5'9 - 20’ 5/8 - 2’7/16 @31.50L
5'11 -20 ‘7/8 - 2’1/2 @33.56L

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