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The mutant sludge is a must for any ability of surfer. The versatility of this board in any conditions from 1ft mush to solid dredging barrels. That will put a smile on anyones face. It has a lot of influence from the lost, 5’5 19’1/4 fish and the greg webber fish boards from the 90’s. It feature a Vee double concave through the bottom 5 fin set up with a flyer set back behind the side fins into a swallow tail. Also available as a bat tail. Good for trying airs and tricks.

5'3 x 18’3/4 x 2’1/8 @23.75L

5’5 x 19’1/4 x 2’1/4 @26.78L

5'7 x 19’3/4 x 2’3/8 @29.31L

5'9 x 20’1/4 x 2’1/2 @32.50L

5'11 x 20’3/4 x 2’5/8 @36.13L

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